Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Hanis Haizi

Dear Hanis Haizi...

I love your blog because... 

Your blog is super beautiful,
with your beautiful real picture as the background like a model,
its very nice and sweet!

When reading your blog, i can feel POSITIVE energy in yourself,
You're  INSPIRING me, make me wake up from my day dreaming.. 

 From you,

I learn how to IMPROVE and MOTIVATE myself,
I gain a lot of KNOWLEDGE from your blog,
From your story,  I  realize that every person have POTENTIAL to
become SUCCESSFUL persons

 You're such amazing woman who passionate in business.
I also have same interest with you,
so I hope that i can learn something from your blog.
Because till know i still finding my inner strength to change myself attitude...
I hope to be STRONG as you!

Oh Beauty Sis Hanis Haizi,

 You give me a BOOST to CHANGE,
You make me feel CONFIDENT,
You make me feel GORGEOUS as you!
But of course i will become more super confident with 
your Chanel Bag collections.. 
Hopefully I will win one of your collections..

... Please, please let me have the CHANEL surprise gift you mentioned here

Dear Hanis Haizi,

May Allah bless you and happy with your family.

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